Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Latest underwater video technology on offer to UK carpers

Sanderson Property Brokers who specialise in Fishing Lake sales are offering till the end of March the new CarpCAM VS350 for a great price of £255.00 with free UK delivery.

The underwater video camera, once positioned will allow you to watch your bait and baited area for carp and actually see the take.

The CarpCAM is designed to enable Anglers to view under water aquatic life using the latest in under water video technology delivering quality clear video images from under the water.

This new technology brings a host of exciting new benefits to Anglers.
  • The CarpCAM will help Anglers see the bottom of Lakes
  • Prevent snagging of fishing line.
  • Improve your Angling Skills
  • Watch fish and how they behave in there natural environment
I predict this will be a big hit and I would love to try it out, so if anyone at Sandersdon or CarpCAM is reading I would be happy to field test it on my next trip to Morocco.
Now that would be some promotional video - shoals of 30's and 40's going nuts over a 20kg bed of corn!!!
I am just packing up the gear now and leaving tomorrow morning for a 4 day session on Bin el Ouidane in Morocco. I should be at the water by sundown after the ferry crossing and a hard days driving. I have asked my local contact to stick in 100 kg of corn; 20kg of corn each night so my swim will be boiling by the time I wet a line.

So if you fancy some amazing underwater shots and a mind blowing promotional video for your underwater video camera get in contact.

thanks to Sanderson Property

Monday, March 05, 2007


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