Monday, December 24, 2007

Morocco Carp Christmas 2007 video

Merry Christmas and a Carp filled 2008 to all our readers

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morocco Carp present Bin el Ouidane

My Morocco Experience by Mike Johansoon

Morocco Carp Save a specimen Campaign

A 50.6 lbs common Carp returned by Morocco Carp

This is actually the 4th fiush that Morocco Carp has purchased and returned to lake Bin el Ouidane and our first 50 lbs fish.

Caught in the local fishermans nets and destined for the table

50.6 lbs and 36lbs brace saved by Morocco Carp

A little scale damage but not in bad shape

Big fish like these are best handled in the water

Morocco Carp returns a brace of Carp to Lake Bin el Ouidane to fight again another day and hopefully make some angler very happy.

We have space for late January and February so if you fancy hooking one of these Moroccan Monsters give Fraser a ring on 00212 783 48733

Monday, December 10, 2007

Morocco Carp - looking for an X factor Carper

Chanel 2M 9 oclock news

We were jumping with excitement on Saturday night as 2M, the national Moroccan TV channel, ran our interview on the 9pm main evening news. The interview had been recorded at the tourism meeting we presented at a couple of days before and had actually aired the previous evening in French. We only found out as Hamids mobile started ringing continuously with people congratulating us on getting on the tellie!

Ali interviewing Fraser Cairns about Carp fishing in Morocco

Mr Ali ELM Rabat, the presenter who interviewed me rang me on Saturday morning to tell me that it had aired in French, but the best news of all was that it was going to be repeated that evening in Arabic, and the pan European French cable channel, TV monde had also run with the interview the day before. Ali has promised that he will make a recording of the TV tape and Ill post it on the you tube account, Im looking forward to seeing it again as I really cant really remember what I said!
I was so nervous at having to be interviewed in French that I think I just used all my brain power up for speaking leaving little brain RAM on the old grey cortex for memory storage...or am I just getting old?

seeing me seeing you... strange to see oneselve on the small screen

It was a great experience and Im just glad I had the chance to explain to the Moroccan public a little bit about Carp fishing and these crazy people that return fish alive. The whole subject seems to have picked Ali's curiosity and he has offered to come back with his TV crew to do a report on the lake and the carp fishing.

still not sure what I said and this version had been translated into Arabic!

Ali would like to film a group of good anglers going through their paces on Bin el Ouidane and I promised him I would put this up on the blog and see if there is anyone interested in coming over on a fishing holiday and working with the French TV crew to make a documentry.
I have some space available around the 20th of January and it would be ideal for a group of 4-8 anglers.
Give me a ring on 00212 783 48733 and see if you make it on CARP X factor!

Morocco - Lake Bin el Ouidane

My friend and fellow nomad Mike Johansson from 360factory has produced this excellent video of his personal Moroccan experience.

I have Mike to thank for so much of the design, vision, photography and energy that has been required to get Morocco Carp to where it is today.

Looking forward to creating new content with you Mike and taking Web 2.0 to the furthest reaches of the non networked world.

Its been a blast and here's to the next

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Cheap flights to Marrakesh from Atlas Blue

Morocco Carp videos for 2007

The first in our monthly series of Video catch reports (Vlogs) All the fish, sights and sounds of the last month from Morocco Carp.
Morocco Carp organise fish and family holidays to Bin el Ouidane lake in the middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.

The best of the September catches from Morocco Carp. Check out our web site at for more information on our great range of fishing and family holidays.
Or our blog for up to date catch reports and news from the mythical lake Bin el Ouidane.

All the best from this stunning corner of the world. Keep up to date with the latest catches from the Bin el Ouidane and the local region.
Don't forget our blog for all the latest news from Bin, or to book a spot in fishing heaven or our agents: UK Essex Angling Holidays

Tadla Azila is a stunning region in the middle of Morocco encompassing the mid and high Atlas mountains.
This new video shows in detail many of the natural and cultural wonders to be found in the area.
This is the latest from the Moroccan Tourist Board and the local CRT and CRI for the Tadla Azilal region, so watch it then book a holiday and live it!

Thanks to: CRI

Friday, December 07, 2007

Morocco Carp and 360factory pioneer HDR photography in Morocco

The image intensity is fantastic on this still life of the wash basin in the Cathedral suite of our hotel. Photo: Mike Johansson -

In computer graphics and photography, high dynamic range imaging (HDRI) is a set of techniques that allows a greater dynamic range of exposures (the range of values between light and dark areas) than normal digital imaging techniques. The intention of HDRI is to accurately represent the wide range of intensity levels found in real scenes ranging from direct sunlight to shadows.

Nailed! - what an HDR image. Taken high above the lake and village of Bin el Ouidane the old ruined Kasbah can be seen bottom right. The depth of field is incredible with the Ahansal river entrance streching for miles into the Middle Atlas mountains. Photo: Mike Johansson -

HDRI was originally developed for use with purely computer-generated images. Later, methods were developed to produce a high dynamic range image from a set of photographs taken with a range of exposures. With the rising popularity of digital cameras and easy-to-use desktop software, the term "HDR" is now popularly used[1] to refer to the process of tone mapping together with bracketed exposures of normal digital images, giving the end result a high, often exaggerated dynamic range. This composite technique is different from, and generally of lower quality than, the production of an image from a single exposure of a sensor that has a native high dynamic range. Tone mapping is also used to display HDR images on devices with a low native dynamic range, such as a computer screen.

Tonemapped image of Morocco Carp's twin waddies swim on Bin el Ouidane. Photo: Mike Johansson -

Thanks to Wikipedia for the info

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Morocco Carp presents the new video for Bin el Ouidane and Tadla Azilal region of Morocco

Check out this fantastic new video from the Moroccan Tourist board with the participation of the CRT and CRI. Well worth the watch, some amazing scenic shots and such a wide range of activities available in this stunning region, home to the mythical Carp fishing lake Bin el Ouidane.

New Years Eve in Morocco

€500 per person - Special 5 day New Years Eve package with Morocco Carp including a Gala dinner!

A new years eve celebration in the Atlas mountains of Morocco with traditional Berber dancing, music and a banquet fit for a Moroccan King.

Our retro cool boutique hotel has 5 suites and fabulous views over the majestic lake of Bin el Ouidane and the high Atlas mountains.

The weather should be similar to that of a ski resort, cold clear star filled nights followed by crisp sunny blue skied days.

Some of the best carp fishing in the world is on our doorstep and we offer full equipment hire to give you a chance to hook yourself a Moroccan monster.

The lake record is a massive 69lbs but the lake average of 30lbs would please most.

If fishing's not your thing why not kick off 2008 with some off road Quad biking? we have two 150cc automatic Quad bikes for hire and miles of unexplored tracks, ruined Kasbas and stunning mountain scenery.

If peace and tranquility is more your thing why not explore the lake on one of our surf kayaks? unsinkable and safe for even the most inexperienced its a wonderful way to see and get close to the wildlife. Just dont get too close to the Carp fishermen.

A Moroccan food experience.

Your breakfast and dinner are prepared by our hotel kitchens every day and are included in the price, the selection changes daily as we use fresh in season local produce prepared in the traditional Berber style .

The Berber lounge restaurant menu operates from 12pm-5pm.

The Pioneer menu - for ordering pack lunches and drinks when your out exploring or fishing.

Moroccan food is excellent and we hope to show some of its finer points during our Moroccan Gala diner dance on the 31st. This will be an unforgettable evening to stimulate all your senses. The night will commence in our lantern lit gardens where Berber musicians thump out their haunting drum and vocal melodies, live. The rhythm is followed by the pulsating dancers who twirl and shrill in a way that has to be heard.

The smell of the honey glazed whole mutton that has been slowly spit roasted for 8 hours is intoxicating and is the centre piece of a buffet table of locally prepared dishes that will be continually replenished during the evening.

Finally a full bar service is available till the wee small hours for those that wish.

Included in the Price:
  • 5 nights Hotel room* single person supplement applies
  • Breakfast and 3 course traditional dinner each day.
  • 31st December Moroccan Gala dinner dance
  • Day trip to the stunning Cascades d'Ozoud.
  • Transport Marrakesh Airport - Bin el Ouidane return.


Friday 28th arrive at Marrakesh Airport - Morning and afternoon arrivals with a small Marrakesh shopping trip for the early birds. Its a pleasasnt and photogenic 3 hour drive from the Airport with the snow capped high Atlas flanking us all the way to our lake side hotel.The nearest large town is Beni Melal and its just up and over the mountain before you will be checking in and enjoying a typical Moroccan welcome.

Saturday 29th - excursions and activities available or just chill in the Berber lounge and take in the splendor of the mountains.

Sunday 30th - The mini bus departs the hotel at 10am for the amazing day trip to the waterfalls at Ozoud. Dont forget your camera and swimming gear, its a real breath taker. Plenty of shopping opportunities in the bustling local arts and crafts market that winds it way down the cliff side. Enjoy lunch overlooking the falls with wild monkies, its a wonderful place to spend the end of 2007.

Monday 31st - Grand Moroccan Gala dinner dance.
Traditional spit roasted honey glazed sheep and a buffet of delicious Moroccan and Berber dishes. Accompanied by live Berber musicians and dancers, candle lit gardens and the star filled night sky.

Tuesday 1st - A day for... fishing, kayaks, hiking, quads - check out availability and prices with reception.

Wednesday 2nd Jan - return to Marrakesh.

€500 per person* based on double room occupancy SPS of €20 applies.

Ring Fraser on 00212 783 487 33 or email at
Reserve your place today!!

You might need to bring:
Clothing:The nights are cold and the days are warm so bring clothes that will handle the big daily temperature change. Good fleece and mountain/ski gear is ideal for nights, shorts, t-shirts and suncream for the day.
Swimming gear, towel, water shoes.
If you want to fish: sleeping bag, reels, alarms, indicators and end rigs.
Everyone: A good torch, travel adapter (2 pin round plug) Sun cream, hat, your best French.

Important Info:You need a minimum of 6 months on your passport to travel to Morocco.Try and book your flight tickets to arrive at Marrakesh airport on the 28th December at around 11am or 3pm. The return flight should depart Marrakesh in the mid morning to allow time for the 3 hour drive.
Medical: The Hotel and lake is at 800m (2400 feet) please consult your GP if you are taking heart/blood thining medication prior to booking. Bring Parecetamol (not Aspirin) Imodium for upset tums and some PG tips - Im running low.

Money: The local currency is the Dirham (MAD) get some from the bureau de change or the ATM's at the airport on arrival. Dont change too much as you cant change it back at the end, the hotel will accept payment in other international currencies if you run out of Dirhams.

Strange days indeed.

Master key cutter at work...

Sometimes I feel my life could not be any crazier.... then a day like yesterday happens.

Ive been more or less on the lake for the last 2 weeks and it feels like I've lost all contact with the outside world - Ive been living in my bivvy or in the shop and fishing a bit, but it seems like ive been mainly firefighting. The last month has been hard with non stop mechanical problems to my equipment and a couple of busted ribs have all added to the test. I lost two quad bikes and both outboard motors over the last few months to mechanical failure. Thankfully Ive got the main outboard back after a rebore and new pistons and the quads are just waiting for some parts, so Inshalla we will be working efficiently soon and not by brute force and manual labour.

All the gear for a big presentation

So I was ready for a little break and a chance to present the Morocco Carp project and the groundbreaking photographic work we have been doing in the area to the local tourism big wigs from the CRT (regional centre for tourism) and the CRI (inward investment agency) and a 40 strong selection of Moroccos press.

My favourite junk food stop...

The meeting was held in the grand offices of the CRI in the local town of Beni Mellal, just 45 kms from our base on the lake but up and over the mountain which makes it seem a much longer trip than it actually is.

Being interviewed by Moroccan TV

As we were setting up our cameras and computers we got chatting to the RTM film crew and before long Ali, a presenter for the channel asked if he could interview me. I jumped at the chance to explain about Peche no Kill as they call it here, Carp Fishing to us. They always seem to go kinda goofy and look at me like Im an alien when you explain that Peche No Kill means returning the fish back to the water alive, but I persevere in my poor French, and as he wraps it up I feel proud that Ive managed to talk in reasonably coherent French and I hope get the carp fishing message across to the Moroccan Public. He told me that it might be aired on Channel 1 which is Moroccos main TV channel, Inshalla.

On the way back we stopped in at Hamids house as his front door lock had jammed and his poor wife and kids were shivering outside. After a quick inspection it was back into town and a fruitless search for a locksmith, Hamid eventually persuaded a small keycutter to leave his shop and go and rescue the family, leaving me and Photo Mike to man his shop! - I made my first sale after only two minutes, a lovely Berber lady that wanted a new gas burner for her gas bottle, something I know alot about. It must have looked bizarre to her, two Europeans, suited and booted manning a hole in the wall key cutters! made me laugh too and the sheer absurdity of the situation will make me giggle for a long time.

A grand view of the middle Atlas from Hotel Ouzoud

A phone call on Mikes mobile was the cherry ontop, a beautiful Hotel just on the outside of Beni Mellal want us to do a few photos and a virtual tour of the place. A perfect end to the day with the chance to show our new internet and photo technology plus I get to stay in this rather nice suite and I hear they do a fine steak dinner.

The infinity pool looked great with the mountains reflected

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