Tuesday, August 28, 2007

New swim "2 wadis" comes up tops with 7 fish in 24 hours

Kens first Carp and not a bad start at 11kg

Sunken island mirror the smallest of the session 10kg

Starting the baiting campaign

Change of swim to 2 Wadis - 2 dry river beds

Sunken islands but too much boat traffic to fish there for long

Sunday morning new swim and an 11kg common to get things going

Plenty of Moroccan gold seemed to do the trick

another scale perfect common at 11.5kg

Ishmaels first rod caught carp - good effort 12.5 kg

Due to it being a holiday weekend the boat traffic forced me into leaving sunken island in search of less turbulent waters. Normally the leisure boat traffic is minimal so Im sure we will be fishing sunken island alot of the next few months.
Im glad I moved upbank as it turned into a great Sunday session from the new swim I had been baiting for a week which Im calling twin wadis. Basically 2 dry river beds run into the lake forming a small headland and its a double swim with each angler having access to their own river bed gulley, I fished 2 rods to the left gulley and 1 to the right.

Every 2 hours or so I had runs and ended the session with 7 carp from 11kg to 14.5 kg and lost 3 more, one of which was around 19-20 kg the hook pulled just in front of the net!

The baiting campaign seems to be working as I had action as soon as I dropped onto the swim and Im looking forward to next week when Ill be back at the lake with clients.
Watch out for the latest catch reports.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Discovering the sunken island infront of Hotel Bank

Found it... 26 foot shows the top of sunken island

The sonar showed a slow and gradual slope of clean clay and rock from the hotel bank due south 270 meters where it showed 65 feet of water rising quickly to 25 feet on top of the island.

Dropping a marker on the spot

An H float and a more permanent water bottle mark the spot.
The island seems to be about 35 meters long, 12 meters wide and has a drop off of 40 feet on the north hotel side and 60 feet on the south.

Diving down to the sunken island in 26 feet of water a hard clean gravel top as expected

Moroccan gold - starting the prebaiting campaign

Happy Days - first fish from sunken island

10kg (22lbs) Mirror Carp

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Atomic tackle develop new lead range for Morocco Carp

The new Morocco Carp range of gravel leads from Atomic

Whilst embracing traditional lead designs, Atomic Tackle strives to bring the angler cutting edge tackle that can only improve your results.

in line bottle grippa, pear, distance, nobbler grippa and bottle

Atomic Tackle's revolutionary 'Gravel' lead coatings have proved so popular and enhanced rig disguise to such a degree that we asked them to design one for Bin el Ouidane lake in Morocco. The stunning lake situated in the Atlas mountains of Morocco is fed from two high Atlas mountain streams and the crystal clear water and red umber sandstone make challenges on terminal camoflage that only Atomic could solve. We are proud to introduce a special range of Moroccan "Gravel" leads designed to blend into the red sandstone bottom of the lake.

Morocco Carp have a range of 5 leads from 3oz - 6oz including:
The in-line grippa, swivel bottle bomb, swivel pear, distance bomb and swivel nobbler grippa.

Atomic's "gravel" coating matched to lake bottom

The special gravel coating of the leads are 100% natural and uses no glue in the application process, it has been matched to the lake bottom colours of Bin el Ouidane making your presentation almost invisible. The gin clear waters of the lake make terminal tackle camouflage all the more important and Morocco Carp are confident that our clients will see the results of these innovate leads with more carp on the bank.

The leads are available in 3oz - 6oz from Morocco Carp hotel tackle shop on the banks or from Essex Angling.

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