Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hi and welcome to my Blog.
I thought I would start this today, an unusally rainy bleak and dreak day for Marbella, but its nice in a way as its focusing my brian on the coming fishing trip to the River Ebro in the North East of Spain.

I have booked my first trip to the river for a weeks fishing starting on Tuesday 6th of November, so me and my dog Joe will be packing the car and driving up there, around 9 hours I would think, so I will sleep out Monday night to get me into roughing it mode - its been a while since I did a week in a bivvy.

I ve booked a weeks fishing with Gary Sheridan from Carp Dream Fishing, based in Deltebre on the lower reaches of the Ebro. Hes going to be looking after me for the week, putting me on some big Catfish and hopefully getting me among the hugh shoals of river Carp.

I will be trying to post photos and texts straight from the bank, so it should be a fun experience with I hope, a couple of big Cats during the week. (im secretly hoping that I can break the 100 but know I wont have really deserved it if I do - but hell it wouldnt hurt to catch a 100+)

So stay tuned with an rss feed and get all my latest postings as they happen from the banks of the Ebro.

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