Sunday, December 03, 2006

sister company to catsncarp - Virtual world 360 launch 360 widget

Sister company to catsncarp launched their first widget, a little thing you stick in your side bar, like the one I have on mine.

They are very cool and I urge you all to have a look and perhaps brighten up your sidebar with one of their tours. They are adding new content every week, but at the moment you can choose from Marbella, Bodo, Oslo and Sierra Nevada, Spain, so you can change the content whenever you want.

Have a look at their gallery to see the latest releases. Its dead simple to do, I had my 360 widget up and running in a few clicks. For blogger users simply go to your template and paste the code into your sidebar and publish.

Here is a few words from virtual world 360 who are luanching the new widget:
Select your destination of choice and click on the tour and watch the stunning panoramas, use your mouse to pan in 360º or zoom with the +- keys. The tour runs for 2 minutes and you can turn off the sound at any time.

Virtual World 360 tour of Bodo in Norway
which includes 8 x full 360º images and 20 x still images.

A Virtual World 360 tour can be used practically anywhere that accepts
you pasting a tiny piece of HTML code, you can use it in a blog post or in your template, even on your web site. Just click - Get Code then copy and paste, thats it no more dull side bars, grab a 360 widget virtual tour today!.

Navigation is easy too. The tour runs automatically for 2 minutes or you can pause and explore any 360º photo, use your mouse to zoom and pan in any direction. Other navigation buttons are sound on/off, 360 gallery which will take you to our full tour selection, and get code so you can share this with your

Give it a try, it free, and its fun.

Virtual World 360 delivers quality multimedia content to your browser - adding interest and driving traffic to your web page, online shop or blog


8 x 360 Images (Equirectangular Projections)
20 x High quality still images
Background music - "Oslo Summer" piano .au format
Voice Over - English .au format

This is a Virtual World 360 dedicated application created to view extraordinary panoramic photos of Bodo in Norway.

The Virtual World 360 tour is the most advanced browser widget application around; to create this little marvel our Geeks have used Photoshop, EasyPano, PanaVue ImageAssembler, Apple's QuickTime VR and other specialized tools to create the high-quality panoramas and wide-angle images.

For anyone involved with digital imagery this groundbreaking browser widget demonstrates a new way of thinking about what's possible in panoramic photography and image presentation. The results are interactive, often startling, and very entertaining.


You can get the code for the Virtual Tour by clicking on the “Get Code” button, - paste this into your post, web site or blog´s template, and viola!

You can also show your support by sending this to your friends and contacts - its Free so share the good news.

We are really excited about our new widget and its endless uses. We have loads of content ideas for future releases but we would like to hear from you if you own high quality 360 images (must be Equirectangular Projections) or regular stills, or if you have an idea for another application - please leave a comment.

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