Wednesday, February 21, 2007

30 thirties in 30 nights from the Ebro

Stephen Buss and friends took on the mighty Ebro for a 30 day stint and had a session not to be forgotten....

"still keen from last years efforts it looked like January was to be the only opportunity for my own carp fishing this year, so I took it. Thirty nights from 27th December camped quietly on the banks of the River Ebro in Spain, hidden dark to all bar boat. This time the weather conditions were more than against me but lady luck sat firm on my shoulder. The water level rarely consistent, the long misty days turned to cold clear nights with a freezing wind and the odd sunny spell from the warmth and glow of my BBQ was a welcome one at that.

During this time I saw just over 200 takes with 176 carp on the bank, not a bad effort considering and one step further in understanding the shoal movements here on the river, based on water levels and weather conditions but more importantly their feeding patterns. From the 176 fish on the bank 61 were pasties or fish less than 20lbs! 37 were 20lb+, 48 were 25lbs+, 22 were 30lb+, 6 were 35lb+ and 2 low 40’s all graced my net."
Stephen´s pebble rig

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