Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Morocco Carp announce tackle from Nash, Fox, Atomic and Korda

Morocco Carp, the fishing holiday company that organise Hotel or traditional Carp fishing holidays to the Moroccan lake called Bin el Ouidane, announced an impressive line up of state of the art carp fishing gear from Nash, Fox, Korda and Atomic.

The lucky anglers fishing the water from the 1st of September will be using this great line-up:

The lakeside package includes:

3 x 13 foot 3.25TC Fox Warriers ES
1 x Fox Skypod with Skypod butt caps
1 x Fox Warrier Landing net 50 inch
1 x Nash globetrotter 2 man XL (on our permanent swims)
or Nash Double top Extreme 2 man (roving angler)
1 x Nash Weighlifter sling
1 x Nash Continental Carp sack
1 x Nash 6 leg Indulgence bedchair
1 x Nash Indulgence recliner day chair

it also includes..
Moroccan holiday fishing license, 25kg local prepared maiz, breakfast and dinner by boat waiter delivered to your swim.

YOU BRING: Reels, buzzers, indicators, scales, tackle box,rigs, leads (optional we sell) pop ups, plastic hook baits, sleeping bag.
Rods are optional, we provide 3 Fox Warriers, or for a small fee you can book them on as sporting equipment at the time of making your booking -the choice is yours.

Price: €600 - including return transfer from Marrakesh or Casablanca airport to the lake. This does not include your air ticket, you must purchase this and send a copy of your booking confirmation with payment. You must also send a copy of your passport so that we can preregister you for a Moroccan holiday fishing license.

Fraser Cairns of Morocco Carp explaines some of his tackle purchasing decisions:

The weather at Bin el Ouidane is generally fantastic, clear blue skies, loads of sunshine, a stiff breeze to keep the heat off and it has more than 250 days of sunshine during the year. The altitude effects the temperature greatly and in the autumn and winter months it can get really cold during the night. It also rains a fair bit during these seasons so the equipment would have to stand up to extremes of hot and cold, rain, wind and loads of anglers....
I hope Ive made the right choices, only time, rod hours and feedback from my clients will tell.

The Bivvies.

Our main swims will be kitted out with the Globetrotter XL bivvies to give maximum comfort and space and these will be in permanent positions on our 3 main swims. We are also planning on building a Berber tent shelter to provide shade and make a good relax area for the anglers. I will keep you all updated on that but I've just ordered the tents so watch the blog for more news.

Nash says:
A non-compromising, true, two-man, long session bivvy. Designed for professionals and for fishing long sessions, at home and abroad. With a clip-in groundsheet, a height of over 6’ and a width of 9½’ the Globetrotter XL ensures that comfort is paramount. Based on the popular, hoop-frame system for easy set-up the Globetrotter XL will resist any kind of extreme weather. Twin-skinned design and heavy duty waterproof outer and mesh inner make this bivvy the ultimate in comfort and reliability.

Just what you need on a hot Moroccan day

Nash says:
The brilliant Double Top bivvy, designed by Kevin Nash, Gary Bayes and our team of respected field-testers. It is a top seller and favoured by many of Europe’s leading carp anglers. This upgraded Double Top Extreme has all the great features of the original Double Top but with the added porch/door canopy. This canopy properly maximises doorway coverage to eliminate rain ingress and provide shade. Exceptionally spacious, 2 man design, enhances width to optimise space and passage between bedchairs.
Approximate dimensions: 280cm deep x 290cm wide x 160cm high

I have chosen the double top extreme 2 man for those anglers that want to go off and do a bit of pioneering, as long as you stay in range of our boat waiters, (4-5Km) then you are free to explore the bays and banks.
Bin el Ouidane is a rare thing, a huge untouched, unfished water, brimming with big carp. No one knows the potential of this place but just being there you realise that something very special has combined to make this a unique environment.
Every time I crest the summit of the Atlas and make my descent, the fist view of the lake from above always reminds me of Jurrasic Park - a land that time forgot and the carp grew huge....
We are only scratching the surface of Bin el Ouidane 95% of the lake remains un fished and its a time for pioneers. I am confident that these Nash Bivvies will provide our anglers with the protection to go where no Carp angler has tread before.

The Indulgence 6 leg

Nash says:
Surely, the ultimate in bed-chairs. They stand out from the rest with stunning multi-tone mattresses that also feature a mobile phone pocket and a zip pocket for keys or wallet.


Recline in blissful comfort in this super-strong Indulgence chair. Both the Recliner and the High Back feature our unique oval side bars that dramatically enhance strength and support.


  • • Mattress with multi-tone double depth luxury filling
  • • Fully reclinable back
  • • Fully adjustable legs
  • • New pivoting extra large mudfeet

The Fox Sky Pod
Fox says:
The Fox Sky Pod has taken rod pod design into another dimension. Specifically designed for those large Continental rivers and lakes

The centre body can be adjusted in length to give greater stability when used at an acute angle. Undoubtedly this is one of the most stable set-ups around making it an essential piece of kit when fishing at long range on huge Continental lakes and powerful wide rivers. With the rod tips positioned high an enormous amount of pressure is transferred to the pod itself, but even in windy conditions and fishing against a powerful current with big leads, the Sky Pod will be rock solid.

Warrior ES 13ft - 3.25lb
Fox says:
The action of the ES runs through the tip and middle of the rod although under heavy pressure the blank will continue to bend right through to the butt without locking up. This marginally forward action makes the rod ideal for distance casting with leads up to 4½ozs, PVA bags or method feeders while still being suitable for safely playing large carp close in.

The Atomic Dung - 3-60z available to buy in our tackle shop

They will also be stocking a selection of leads from Atomic from 3-6oz to save you from going over weight, they will be reasonably priced bearing in mind the cost of shipping lead, and we recommend the new Atomic Dung - perfectly camouflaged for the red silty bottom of Bin el Ouidane.
A range of Korda hook links and a general selection of bits and bobs that you might need. If in doubt just drop us an email.

Morocco Carp still have availability from the 1st of September so if you fancy a week on Bin el Ouidane, flights from London to Marrakesh have never been cheaper and their lakeside package is only €600, around £400 per person. It will be an experience you want forget.

All fishing tackle supplied by Essex Angling.

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