Friday, July 13, 2007

World Record Carp on rod and line 265 lbs - 120 kg

Want to see the Tuna Spear gun caught World Record?

The world's largest Carp caught on rod and line. A 265 lbs siamese giant carp caught by Fishing Adventures Thailand.

All photos reproduced with the kind permission of Jean-Francois Helias

Jean-Francois Helias’ Fishing Adventures Thailand team is known internationally to be the most professional pro guides for freshwater sport fishing in Southeast Asia.

Kik, who has been guiding in Jean-Francois Helias team since its inception, hooked up the kind of catch of a lifetime some anglers would sell their soul to the devil for. A Siamese Giant Carp or Catlocarpio siamensis they estimated weighing just over 120 kg (265 pounders).
"She may be a tiny bit bigger but to give her 120 kilos is already very fine with us. " says Kik.
Kik’s catch is the biggest Siamese carp ever caught in Thailand on rod and line, and moreover, the world’s biggest carp ever caught on rod and line.

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