Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Atomic tackle develop new lead range for Morocco Carp

The new Morocco Carp range of gravel leads from Atomic

Whilst embracing traditional lead designs, Atomic Tackle strives to bring the angler cutting edge tackle that can only improve your results.

in line bottle grippa, pear, distance, nobbler grippa and bottle

Atomic Tackle's revolutionary 'Gravel' lead coatings have proved so popular and enhanced rig disguise to such a degree that we asked them to design one for Bin el Ouidane lake in Morocco. The stunning lake situated in the Atlas mountains of Morocco is fed from two high Atlas mountain streams and the crystal clear water and red umber sandstone make challenges on terminal camoflage that only Atomic could solve. We are proud to introduce a special range of Moroccan "Gravel" leads designed to blend into the red sandstone bottom of the lake.

Morocco Carp have a range of 5 leads from 3oz - 6oz including:
The in-line grippa, swivel bottle bomb, swivel pear, distance bomb and swivel nobbler grippa.

Atomic's "gravel" coating matched to lake bottom

The special gravel coating of the leads are 100% natural and uses no glue in the application process, it has been matched to the lake bottom colours of Bin el Ouidane making your presentation almost invisible. The gin clear waters of the lake make terminal tackle camouflage all the more important and Morocco Carp are confident that our clients will see the results of these innovate leads with more carp on the bank.

The leads are available in 3oz - 6oz from Morocco Carp hotel tackle shop on the banks or from Essex Angling.

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