Wednesday, September 19, 2007

New swim French ramp produces the goods 45 and 32lbs morning brace

A morning brace of 45lbs and 32lbs

I decided to try a new swim to the right hand side of the Hotel.
With clients fishing Hotel bay and twin waddies I opted for the next bay along so I could keep visual contact with everyone and help out Peter Kent, fishing alone, if he hooked a biggie.

This mighty 45lbs common had never been caught before

What with all the running around that seems to be consuming most of my days it was only really after dark that I got to fish the swim, but I was baiting morning and evening with around 20kg. The second morning saw me lose a biggie when the hook slipped after a long and strong battle, to say I was a little pissed off would be an understatement particularly as the Spanish guys on twin waddies had been banging them out since Saturday and Peter had managed a new PB common at 32lbs, I was the last one to catch.

steady girl.....

Water dance with a 44 lbs common

The Spanish guys, Oliver and Javier from Barcelona fishing the twin waddies swim had 12 fish out since Saturday with the biggest going 42lbs a beautiful fully scaled mirror of 38lbs and 2 fine commons of 35lbs and 37lbs, not to mention the further 8 fish all above 25lbs. Most of their fish seemed to be coming from around 12-14 metres (40-50ft) in the mouth of the dried river bed. I decided that I would find similar depth water infront of my swim.

Another big common graces the net of The Spanish crew Oliver and Javier

Oliver with a 25lbs common part of 12 fish catch in 3 days on twin waddies

Oliver's biggest at 42lbs but the Spanish guys are here for 2 this space

I planned to fish 2 long range rods baited with a popup snowman of Opal 18mm and 12mm pukka pineapple. I was fishing a rig that Paul Russell from Essex Angling holidays had shown me. Basically the shot is placed on the hair just under the bait and the hook is tied with a knotless complicated knot. This is basically your standard knotless knot with the hair passed over the first 5 turns of the knotless not and a further 5 turns laid down then finished in the standard way. It allows the hair to pop straight off the middle of the hook shank and I like the hooking capabilities of this rig.I was fishing with a size 6 Atomic Claw and stealth skin link, a 5 oz Atomic Morocco carp lead and 45lbs quicksilver snag leader finished off the set up.

I boated my 2 long range rods out till I hit the 45 foot mark dropped 5 kg of maiz off the back and followed it with the rig. My third road was fished at around 35 yards to a small mark I had found surrounded by Canadian pond weed, it was in only 4 metres of water but looked fishy enough.
The carp in Bin el Ouidane don't really feed at night, which is a relief in some ways as I was absolutely knackered, Im still getting used to this life as a guide and the high altitude of the lake makes everything physical seem so much harder than normal. So with the rods out I made up my bed and pretty soon I was out, confident, very confident of a run at first light.

6AM like an alarm clock, off went my inside long range rod, the same position as yesterday when I had lost the biggie. I jumped in the boat straight away to avoid snagging the lead and was soon in deep water and out of danger. The fish made some impressive runs stripping 30-40 yards of line at a time and putting up a dogged resistance all the way through. After about 20 minutes I managed to slip the net under an absolutely mint common carp. I unclipped the landing net from its pole and wedged it off the back of the boat and made the slow pull back to shore, confident that I had a new PB common ( my previous best common was 30.8lbs from the Ebro) The scales confirmed it, 45lbs and also my biggest fish to date from Bin el Ouidane.

A fine 32lbs Bin el Ouidane common to make the perfect brace

Fish were moving on the 200 metre line and I soon had the rod out again on the spot, a fish crashed twice right over my bait and I was sure it would go off again, sure enough about 1 hour after the 45lbs I had a screamer and a beautiful 32lbs common made the perfect morning brace.
If only all days could start like this - Inshalla.

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