Sunday, October 14, 2007

1st week of October Catch report - Bin el Ouidane, Morocco Carp

October - spectacular storms and sunsets

October started with storms and more rain, the water level continued to drop and the surface water temperature is now 72 degrees, thats 8 degrees cooler than at the end of September. Autumn has arrived and arrived in force and I've personally never fished through such a series of storms. I hope that it calms down a bit as Ive managed to destroy 2 Nash double tops in two weeks - an expensive pastime.

A beautiful 40 lbs common 2 days after the storm

The fishing has followed the weather and its been fairly difficult with many blank days when the weather was bad. Equally Ive had a couple of fantastic days with 6 fish banked. The fish seem to come on the feed, and come closer in to the dried river waddies around 36-48 hours after a big storm, so when weve had a 2-3 day break between storms Ive managed to pull out a few.

Danny with his first Bin el Ouidane fish, 29.04 lbs

Beachcomber John and Ebro Danny had been fishing the twin waddies swim at the end of September during some of the roughest storms. Danny managed a beautiful 29.02 fish on their last evening and I felt I just had to jump into the dead mens shoes, as the swim just had to come on.

Sunday afternoon I got the rods out on twin waddies, 1 rod to the right gulley on a lovely rock and weed mark at 32 feet, 1 rod to the left gulley in 42 feet of water at the end of the river bed and 1 rod between the two at long range, around 350 metres.

Just a 40 and a great fight

Fatima with her first Morocco Carp

Monday morning I had 1 small fish and lost a decent 1 after a hook slip.
Tuesday morning I had a nice 26 lbs common on the 42 foot rod

Wednesday was a great day with 6 fish banked

23lbs common as the fished moved into the dried river bed

25lbs common from the left river gulley

40.4 lbs common right river gulley

Another storm was to blow in on Thursday and the swim died a death, but not a bad week, 10 fish the biggest 40.4 lbs and 4 small fish from 10-20 lbs.

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