Sunday, October 14, 2007

Water knowledge - Hotel Bay and French ramp

I had a fantastic brace of carp from the French ramp swim towards the end of September. I also got blown off the point and destroyed a bivvy one night so decided that the next time I fish it I would place the bivvy further round in the bay and not sitting up on the higher ground and easily hit by the winds.

20.5 kg (45lbs) from French ramp

After a couple of days relaxing and blanking on twin waddies I felt it was time to revisit the French Ramp and Hotel bay and discover some of the features in this interesting area. It is also the closest area to our hotel with very easy to access for anglers and hotel guests - perfect really.

a stunning morning brace of 45lbs and 32lbs from French ramp

Diagram of hotel river to french ramp

Looking to the diagram you can see the hotel river and at around 400 m directly out is the sunken island. There is currently around 5 meters of water over the island and as the lake fills up during the winter many of these areas will become to far from the bank to fish. But for now its an exciting swim with many opportunities and some excellent features.
The river bends round to the right and runs parallel to the bank at around 250m, from the right bend until the river bed becomes one with the lake bottom is around 150m.

I think the best swim to fish to the sunken island is from the right side of the river, its around 350m to the front and this is where most of the fish have come from in depths of 12-18 m rather than rods fished ontop or on the sides of the island.

The right hand side of this 3 man swim, towards the French boat ramp offers opportunities to fish to the river gulley and long range beyond the river on the slope running from the sunken island along gradually getting deeper as the river bed fades out.

Henrik from Catch it baits in Denmark and his fishing buddy Peter are fishing the swim as I write so watch the blog for the latest catch reports.

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