Wednesday, October 24, 2007

World Record Mirror Carp - Paul Meridith 89 lbs

Paul Meredith with Scarfish at the new world record weight of 89lbs

The New World record Mirror 89 lbs (40.45)

pictured here at a lesser weight of 38.02 (83.64lbs)

by Pete Simmons on the 3/11/2006 at La Gravier

Do you want to see the most popular World Record Carp Photo?

Paul Meredith from Birmingham has just landed the new World record Mirror Carp at 89 lbs from La Graviers fishery run by Luke Moffett. Paul was fishing on the swim known as the lawn and the huge Carp fell to a margin positioned bait. Paul and lake owner Luke had to take to the boat to land it after a hairy 30 minute battle.

Incredibly the same fish was caught 2 weeks ago by an un named angler who returned it without weighing, apparently he was content with his catch and didnt worry about the weight - a refreshing attitude.
Scarfish, as this fish is known, was also caught just over a month ago by UK angler Mike Cooper at 87 lbs, just 1.6 lbs short of the then current, now deceased Rainbow lakes record fish at 88.6lbs.

So it Scarfish that holds the record and with perhaps another month left of reasonable weather in France we might see her out again, and maybe we will see her break the 90 barrier.

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