Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Morocco Carp early November catch report from Bin el Ouidane

A stunning fish and well deserved - top angler

Paul with a 38lbs twin waddies common

The weather has settled down into what I can only describe as perfect for fishing. We have cold clear nights followed by fantastic sunrises and sunny blue sky days, just a shame the fish havnt realised it yet.

38lbs common - a very big fish one day soon

The lake is fishing slowly but Im convinced we have better fishing just around the corner. The natural food levels are dropping off as the water cools and the fish will start moving into the bays during the late mornings and afternoons. This should bring them into boat range and hopefully catch results will improve.

A hard scrapping common of 30lbs for Carl

We still have spaces for December so If you fancy a trip drop me an email or ring.

We are also planning a new years eve special so if you dont know what to do this new years eve why not give Morocco Carp a try? I will be publishing details later this week on the special banquet we will be organising for the night of the 31st, watch this space.

18lbs and to my eye a 3 summer fish

Paul and Carl, our first English anglers of the month fished the first week and opted for Twin Waddies to start their campaign. It looked like being a great week when first morning Carl had a 33lbs common and Paul lost one. The promising start dissolved into an abrupt blank due to the incredible amount of boat traffic on the lake. It was a Morrocan national 5 day holiday and the rich kids from Casablanca were on the lake in force with their noisy polluting penis extension... sorry I meant to say boats and jet skis.

Bin el Ouidane - nothing like it

This seemed to put the fish right down and it wasnt till Wednesday when they all went home that we got some peace and quiet and the fishing slowly started to improve.

Twin waddies only 10 mins from the hotel

Paul and Carl finished the week with 4 fish the biggest going 38lbs, well fished guys and looking forward to seeing you next year.

Pioneer carp fishing with Morocco Carp

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