Saturday, December 08, 2007

Morocco Carp videos for 2007

The first in our monthly series of Video catch reports (Vlogs) All the fish, sights and sounds of the last month from Morocco Carp.
Morocco Carp organise fish and family holidays to Bin el Ouidane lake in the middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.

The best of the September catches from Morocco Carp. Check out our web site at for more information on our great range of fishing and family holidays.
Or our blog for up to date catch reports and news from the mythical lake Bin el Ouidane.

All the best from this stunning corner of the world. Keep up to date with the latest catches from the Bin el Ouidane and the local region.
Don't forget our blog for all the latest news from Bin, or to book a spot in fishing heaven or our agents: UK Essex Angling Holidays

Tadla Azila is a stunning region in the middle of Morocco encompassing the mid and high Atlas mountains.
This new video shows in detail many of the natural and cultural wonders to be found in the area.
This is the latest from the Moroccan Tourist Board and the local CRT and CRI for the Tadla Azilal region, so watch it then book a holiday and live it!

Thanks to: CRI

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