Monday, May 19, 2008

Carpacast release Moroccan Carping: Real Pioneers Part IV

Carpcast one of the best personal Carp fishing blogs on the internet released part 4 of the great series of articles covering a trip with Morocco Carp to Bin el Ouidane lake in Morocco. Its been a great read and even though I knew the outcome it has kept me glued to my screen.

Big water Carp fishing is never easy and no mater how well you prepare or how good an angler you are the possibility of a blank is always on the cards.

Why do we do it? its a question I've often asked myself over the years after another expensive and frustrating blank on the hunt for a monster, but I think its the adventurer in me, going where few have tread, pushing the limits physically, financially and mentally, I never seem to tire of it.

So to Will and the guys - I salute your efforts and I hope this little video I put together at Christmas will whet your appetite to come back and have a go when we open again.

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Video Catch reports Morocco Carp