Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Customer service is the driving force for Carpones

I was sitting here, in front of the computer, daydreaming about big fish... yes I know... so I decided to start the new year the way I would like it to continue - being by the water with a chance of a big fish.

"Where and when" are two questions Ive yet to answer, but I did realize that the "with what?" question needed answering pretty quick. My last trip to the Ebro had all but wiped out my bait supply, so with all the nightmares of Xmas post coupled with living in the sticks of Spain, right down here in Marbella, I knew I needed to get an order placed pretty quick.

A short email to Andy Mac, a new friend Ive made through blogging. (Andy writes the blog Fish Madrid and its a must read if your planning on fishing around the Madrid area) Andy gave me the contact details of a mate of his called Paco who had recently set up www.carpones.com so I thought Id give it a try.

Its not often that I´m truly impressed with customer service in Spain, we kind of get used to the Spanish "manana" attitude and when a really great customer service experience happens it feels all the more special for being so unique.

I placed the order on Friday night and paid by paypal on the Saturday. Every step of the order process was confirmed by email and Monday afternoon the bait arrived by courier. Cant beat that! Gracias Paco!

His shop is easy to navigate as long as you can find your way in, the "Tienda" link underneath the navigation box on the right side of the screen for non Spanish speakers. Once in, its straightforward enough for anyone to find what they want. There is a great selection of bait from all the top names and plenty of tackle.

Paco speaks English so if your thinking of coming over on a fishing holiday why not drop him an email and see if he could deliver to your holiday destination. Im sure Ill be doing that myself in the future.

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