Friday, January 05, 2007

A broken resolution and photo shop antics

I had made a new year resolution to go fishing, sometime after Christmas and through the New Year, but somewhere in between all the feasting and fun a plan started to form and the fishing trip was put to the side.

I think the impetuous of the plan came from a phone call around the 29th of December. The insurance company wanted to book an appointment for the plasterer and painter to come in and fix up my cellar, flooded the month before in torrential rain, whilst I was flooded out in my Bivvy on the Ebro. Read that story here.

I had recently gutted the damp cellar and chucked out all my water ruined possessions in what turned out to be a rather depressing few days work. The cellar is accessed from my back garden patio, down a set of twisting stairs and through a door into an area of around 3 meters by 4. Perhaps seeing the cellar empty for the first time germinated the seed that grew swiftly over the next couple of days into a short idea and finally now on the 5th of January, two insurance paid workmen are plastering and painting my project into reality.

An Underground Photo Studio, or the Studio, as I hope I will fondly call it in the near future as I snap away at another batch of items ready for uploading to eBay.

For over a year now I had realized that my amateurish photo skills and almost complete ignorance in the Photoshop department were holding me back. So whilst I can hear the scrape of plaster applied to brick and the reassuring noises of workmen creating, I'm going to do a bit of surfing and see if I can learn some new photo editing tricks.

This video is inspirational.

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