Wednesday, June 13, 2007

come fish with us in Morocco

For those of you that read my blog frequently you will know that I've become a little infatuated with Morocco and the lake Bin el Ouidane. I have just returned from my third trip to the lake, accompanied this time by a professional photographer and a couple of fishing buddies from the UK. We spent 5 fantastic days fishing and exploring new areas and I now feel really confident that we can offer an unforgettable fishing holiday.
I have earmarked 3 main swims that will accommodate 10 anglers and I will be baiting with 2.5 tonnes of maize during the month of August, ready for our first Carp fishing guests on the 1st September.

Dont miss out, reserve early using our on-line booking form to be sure of your place. If anyone needs to contact me prior to Morocco Carp being fully operational please ring Fraser +34 666 074 861.

Bin el Ouidane viewed from the dam

We have teamed up with the local hotel, a small but beautiful Riad style property situated on the banks of the lake, and will be offering traditional bivvy holidays with twice daily boat waiter service, delivering your breakfast and evening meal (included in the price) right to your swim.
We have prepared a bank side menu and you can order soft drinks, beer, wine, snacks and bait from our boat waiters which will be delivered to your swim on the next boat run.

We are also offering hotel fishing packages for those that want to bring family or partners and we have 4 suits available sleeping a maximum of 6 adults plus 2 children, all our suites have terrace or garden dining, BBQ's, living rooms and the d├ęcor of the Hotel is typical of the local area and Morocco. All our suites have lake views and breakfast and evening meal delivered by our hotel waiters to your suite are included in the price. A full bar and snack service is available throughout the day and up till the kitchen closes around 10pm each night.
We have researched and prepared an exciting package of day trips and activities so that your family will have a fantastic holiday whilst you are fishing.
The area around Bin el Oudane and the province of Azilal is seldom visited and there are some wonderful natural scenic sites to visit including the famous and unbelievable Cascades de Ouzoud waterfalls. These falls are ranked in the top 15 waterfalls of the world, along with such famous places as Angel Falls. If you only leave the lake once this week we recommend that it be for the cascades trip. (you will be back in plenty of time to get the rods out for the night and it never hurts to rest the swim for a day)

Apart from the day trips we can offer a full range of activities around the hotel with Quad bikes, Kayaks, water skiing, jet skis and in season, white water rafting on the Ahansal river.
This really is a holiday of a lifetime for the whole family and as a travelling big Carp man myself I know just how important it is to please the family whilst you fish.

Cascades de Ouzoud - a must see

A better view in Carp fishing? we doubt it

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