Thursday, June 14, 2007

New World record common Carp 84.12 lbs (38.45 kg)

The saddening news earlier in the week that the world record Mirror Carp, caught just 14 days ago by British angler Graham Slaughter from the infamous swim 19 at Rainbow lakes at a new best weight of 88.6 lb (40.2kg) had died. Its not know at this time the cause of death but probably old age and stress/spawning were to blame.

The blow is softened somewhat with the news, as reported by bagging up, that the Common World Record has fallen again. This time to German angler Emir Caro. The 84lb 12oz (38.45Kg) monster has been a long term target for Emir who has been after it for 3 years.

Emir tempted the common with a 20mm boilie on a size 3 Mako super fly hook, 18lb Krystonite and a 65lb Score Gold lead core leader.

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