Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Google earth uncovers new swim on Bin el Ouidane

I was goggle earth surfing about 2.4 km above
the lake of Bin el Ouidane in Morocco....
.....when something caught my eye.

I zoomed a little closer and discovered an island right in front of hotel bank.

It took me a while to see it, its hard to visualise yourself on the picture as I'm so used to tramping the banks or seeing the lake features from boat level. To view it from 2.4 km above disorientates you slightly.

But its there, top centre of the photo above.

I've written its name, Secret Sandbar, and just above it: Hotel.
It is probably not a sandbar but a small island, but its secret sandbar till August when I get out there with the sonar. Whatever it is, its currently under a couple of meters of water and its a big fish holding spot. It explains why, when sitting on the hotel balcony having dinner, I keep seeing huge carp crashing out where I think the island shows on the Goggle earth photo.

A photo showing the lake as viewed from hotel bank or
check the virtual tour to see a 360 image of the spot.
(used your mouse to control the camera - click on the image)

I always have the same thought at those moments- why am I tramping km's round the lake when they are continually showing right in front of the Hotel? - yes, I've already called myself that about 10 times.

Going back to the goggle earth photo, below Secret Sandbar on the other bank you have the Ahansal river mouth which floods into the Ahansal Bay and then you can make out snake spit, another of our prepared swims for September. Move left till you come to the monkey nut shaped islands, this is our third swim and interesting enough the narrow strip between the two islands is currently about 1 metre under water.

Studying the photo and what I know of the lake, I'm going to take an educated guess and say that the Google Earth photo shows the lake with between 1-4 metres less of water. There are two further islands showing that currently don't show with the present water level.
I've got plenty to investigate when I'm down next in August.

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