Sunday, July 29, 2007

Take a virtual tour of the waterfalls and the hotel

Mike Johansson and Anders Hollland from 360factory

The cascades d' Ozoud are located in the Grand Atlas village of Tanaghmeilt, in the province of Azilal and it is the most visited site in the region.

The largest of the three falls has a drop of over 100 metres and the hypnotic sight and enchanting sound of cascading water seems to seep inside you, as if by osmosis, leaving a profound sense of peace and beauty.

Once the virtual tour opens and loads you can click with your left mouse button and control the image as if you were the camera. This type of image is called an equirectangular projection, and is in fact 2 or more images taken using a fish eye lens and a rotating camera on a tripod.
The finished photos are taken at angles to make up a complete 360 degree circle then stitched together using rather clever software to make these great moving images.
Have a look at Mike's site 360 factory for more information on these great moving images.

The Hotel, Maisons d'hote is situated in a privileged position overlooking the lake of Bin el Ouidane.

Morocco Carp Hotel Bin el Ouidane

Constructed by its owner, Hamid Ouallam, its quirky Riad style and the locally produced arts and crafts displayed on its walls tell something of the man himself and his strong Berber roots

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