Monday, December 10, 2007

Morocco Carp - looking for an X factor Carper

Chanel 2M 9 oclock news

We were jumping with excitement on Saturday night as 2M, the national Moroccan TV channel, ran our interview on the 9pm main evening news. The interview had been recorded at the tourism meeting we presented at a couple of days before and had actually aired the previous evening in French. We only found out as Hamids mobile started ringing continuously with people congratulating us on getting on the tellie!

Ali interviewing Fraser Cairns about Carp fishing in Morocco

Mr Ali ELM Rabat, the presenter who interviewed me rang me on Saturday morning to tell me that it had aired in French, but the best news of all was that it was going to be repeated that evening in Arabic, and the pan European French cable channel, TV monde had also run with the interview the day before. Ali has promised that he will make a recording of the TV tape and Ill post it on the you tube account, Im looking forward to seeing it again as I really cant really remember what I said!
I was so nervous at having to be interviewed in French that I think I just used all my brain power up for speaking leaving little brain RAM on the old grey cortex for memory storage...or am I just getting old?

seeing me seeing you... strange to see oneselve on the small screen

It was a great experience and Im just glad I had the chance to explain to the Moroccan public a little bit about Carp fishing and these crazy people that return fish alive. The whole subject seems to have picked Ali's curiosity and he has offered to come back with his TV crew to do a report on the lake and the carp fishing.

still not sure what I said and this version had been translated into Arabic!

Ali would like to film a group of good anglers going through their paces on Bin el Ouidane and I promised him I would put this up on the blog and see if there is anyone interested in coming over on a fishing holiday and working with the French TV crew to make a documentry.
I have some space available around the 20th of January and it would be ideal for a group of 4-8 anglers.
Give me a ring on 00212 783 48733 and see if you make it on CARP X factor!

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