Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Morocco Carp Save a specimen Campaign

A 50.6 lbs common Carp returned by Morocco Carp

This is actually the 4th fiush that Morocco Carp has purchased and returned to lake Bin el Ouidane and our first 50 lbs fish.

Caught in the local fishermans nets and destined for the table

50.6 lbs and 36lbs brace saved by Morocco Carp

A little scale damage but not in bad shape

Big fish like these are best handled in the water

Morocco Carp returns a brace of Carp to Lake Bin el Ouidane to fight again another day and hopefully make some angler very happy.

We have space for late January and February so if you fancy hooking one of these Moroccan Monsters give Fraser a ring on 00212 783 48733

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Video Catch reports Morocco Carp